Thursday, November 24, 2011

Then They Will Know

Judgment presents a strange dilemma. The concepts of judging and passing judgment are often confused. Choosing between right and wrong is a process of judging, but different than passing judgment on someone. When judgment is made in the latter sense, there is a consequence attached to the decision or choice made.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Poverty is Relative – Part 2

Supper at Mae Saraing © tkbeyond
I really don't get the idea of the 1% vs the 99%. The idea that only 1% of the population in America holds all the wealth is ludicrous, let alone patently untrue. The US is an example of a broad middle class society enjoying prosperity even in the midst of an economic crisis. In MOTROW, the disparity between wealth and poverty is far more noticeable than in the US. Think about world travel. Just a few decades ago traveling internationally was only a dream for the average person—something reserved for millionaires. Now, many people travel outside the US as if it's the norm, not an exception. The idea of the 99% is a sham, a deception—pure self-aborbed hypocrisy.