Friday, August 12, 2011

The Limitlessness of God

I remember my dad bringing me out to view a lunar eclipse. We gathered together with some neighbors late at night, way past my bedtime. I was about four years old. It is one of my earliest remembrances of childhood and God. As we gathered in the moonlit night, awaiting the eclipse, my dad explained how the universe, the stars and galaxies, had no known end. He was a mechanical engineering student at the time, so it was from a scientific cosmological viewpoint rather than a theological one. It would be nearly four decades later before he came to know God personally. Yet that night, he unwittingly put the fear of God in me. Not like a preacher might, but because he spoke of the universe being limitless.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Governor Holds a Prayer Meeting

Recently a nationally known governor held a prayer rally. It stirred up all sorts of public discussion, not all of it edifying or encouraging. Centuries ago there was another nationally known governor who held a prayer rally of sorts. His name was Nehemiah. It was a pretty impressive meeting. It was led by Ezra the scribe and priest, and started with a reading of Scripture (the Jewish Law), which was followed by some pretty serious feasting (see the story in Nehemiah 8-